• Outsourced CIO/CTO services

  • Short and long-term IT strategy planning/execution

  • Technical team assessment, coaching/mentoring, and expansion

  • Executive level IT project and program/vendor management

  • Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse technology

  • Software evaluation, selection, and vendor negotiation

  • New technology - vendor/product evaluation or custom development

  • Application architecture design and custom development sourcing

  • Due diligence on IT for strategic acquisitions or technology company investments

Our approach for engagement is simple. We start off with a short discovery call to understand what needs exist. From this initial assessment meeting, we craft a proposal for services that matches the needs and resources of the business. We are very selective and will only take on projects where we know success will be achieved in the eyes of the stakeholders. 


If you would like help aligning a technology plan with your business strategy, or simply want to stay on top of the latest IT trends, news, and best practices, please contact us to learn more.

Technology Advisory Services

For many businesses, effectively using technology is a challenge. Most business leaders see technology as a "black box" they don't really understand, yet they do realize it is an important part of how they must remain competitive in today's environment.


Businesses seeking to deliver on a promise of enhancing customer value must embrace the right technology in the right manner. This doesn't mean jumping on the latest technology trend or diving into a large system implementation. It means finding the intersection of business needs and enabling technology to meet those needs.


At CHAINGE, our objective is to help establish and execute a technology strategy that aligns with a company's vision and business strategy.  We work with executive teams, business leaders, and investors to deliver on this goal by offering the following services:

"Our objective is to help you establish and execute a technology strategy that aligns with your company's vision and business strategy."